Intercoin Show: NFTs, Scarcity and Economics

How scarcity and the economy works, when it comes to NFTs:

Although technically, files and models can be easily copied, NFTs represent restrictions, including in the new emerging Metaverse, that seek to reward content creators with payments, because they will be able to control how scarce the “official” stuff they create is.

The Internet disrupted many content creators, from journalists to musicians to graphic designers. The US Congress passed the DMCA and almost passed [SOPA] (Stop Online Piracy Act - Wikipedia) and PIPA to govern what happens online when it comes to Copyright. But now a new crypto-powered industry is emerging without government enforcement of copyrights, and online content creators are taking advantage of it:


Here is a completely different approach for rewarding digital content creators, that Qbix will build:


Would love to see Qbix help more digital creators in selling their art or work. I’m curious to know how Intercoin will help with NFTs in collaboration with QBIX?