Intercoin Show Highlights- Capital

Today’s discussion is from Highlights of ideas shared to help us understand how things relating to Digital Currency in our community…getting Capital…and Equity impacts us all.

Intercoin show Highlights Guests

00:00:04:28 - 00:00:06:19 Greg Magarshak
00:00:17:24 - 00:00:21:01 -Thomas H Greco
00:00:34:07 - 00:00:37:09 Jane Adams
00:00:49:29 - 00:00:54:25 Patri Friedman
00:01:09:27 - 00:01:12:18 Thomas H Greco

Intercoin is a global currency platform that enables communities around the world to issue and manage their own currency, to circulate among their local population. Intercoin enables fintech innovation on the local community level, leading to stronger communities, greater sustainability, less poverty, and more productivity. Intercoin picks up where BTC and ETH left off, building a platform that’s not just secure, but scalable too.


Great highlights of important show @Deremiah_CPE
Thank you for sharing it here.

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You’re SOOO Welcome @ACUMEN …Glad you enjoyed it.

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