Intercoin Mass Adoption

Did you know how high the potential adoption is for Intercoin.

Apps from the CEO @Greg first company Qbix attracted 9 million people in 95+ countries and that includes tens of thousands of communities…

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I absolutely agree with you on that @cryptostaceyb.
In addition to that, I can say that all supporters, partners and investors of Intercoin are lucky to have @Greg as an architect of Intercoin’s infrastructure because of his comprehensive knowledge in mathematics and 10 years of experience leading massive adoption of Qbix apps globally.
Many people can see that he embedded the network effect into Intercoin’s vision to support the value of this project for the greater good of ALL HUMANITY.
Thus, the network effect’s phenomenon will keep ITR’s price up because increased numbers of participants in the Intercoin infrastructure will constantly uplift its value.
For example, in the same way, as it happened with the internet, initially, there were only a few users online (military and some research scientists) because it had little value to ordinary people.
Nevertheless, the internet reached around four billion people in less than 25 years.
Now, most of us couldn’t even imagine our lives without the internet and many economists predict that crypto adoption will encompass the internet’s adoption in a much shorter time.
We are all here making a history!


That’s very important to know as when people hear about Intercoin independently they find it a good project, when they hear the story of how the idea of Intercoin came up, and what dopes Qbix have to do with it, that it makes sense :slight_smile:


Oh, I thought the same thing as you! You are so right


you are absolutely right Elena. Blockchain will change the way how we work and do business.

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