Intercoin <=> Lightning Network Gateway?


I have been running a RaspiBlitz node for some months just because I was interested in seeing what I could use it for in terms of micro-BTC payments. It took a bit of hacking to get it to work but since then it has not actually processed any Lightning transactions yet unfortunately . . There might be some situations where it would work nicely for my own micro-BTC incoming transactions but I don’t have the time to spend on that to get it set up ATM , ,

Anyway, it occurred to me that there might be something useful that could be done with the node in terms of setting up some sort of gateway between BTC and Intercoin? I have no idea how that might work ATM or even if such a thing is interesting or even worth looking at - but I will keep the node running for a bit longer while I look at novel options . .


Thank you @philip_rhoades for sharing. I presume it might be useful but as @Greg is extra busy this week, we probably have to postpone this conversation for some time.

No worries - no urgency . .

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