Intercoin launchpad

If there’s no more ITR available in launchpad, is there any way I can buy ITR now?

Thank you!

Yes. We sell ITR ourselves until September 30th! Please enter your email and fill out the form on and the team will reach out to you with next steps.

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I filled out the form and do I also have to download the Etherium wallet and paste the address? Sorry, couldn’t find any aadress on the app…

Hi @Coasta, let me check on this

I emailed you @Coasta. You will need either a TrustWallet or a MetaMask; for TrustWallet please search ITR and look for the blue and white cloud icon in the search results.

Once you do that, please submit the ITR address. It also helps if you have a Telegram so I can help you in real time