Intercoin Application: Fundraising

Communities that want to raise money for their projects can do an ICO on Ethereum, Stellar and other platforms. However, Intercoin provides some benefits to communities beyond simply having their own tokens.


One of the benefits Intercoin provides is the ability to peg the resulting money raised to USD or any other currency, avoiding the situation that Ethereum itself found itself in (having raised Bitcoin right before a huge drop in its price).

An ICO on the Intercoin networks would look like people contributing money to a new community, and having the resulting local currency be pegged to the USD, EUR or wherever else most of the members of the project reside. Maybe they will even convince their local community vendors to accept their payments in I-EUR, and those will convince their employees. If I-EUR is trading close enough to the EUR, using it would be like paying each user using an open, crypto-based PayPal with no gatekeepers.


Intercoin Inc. aims to do more than just build technology to power community currencies. We are working to take care of technological issues (e.g. scaling), regulatory issues (e.g. registering securities) and tax issues (e.g. preparing taxes and writing off capital losses for UBI). We see our value proposition as selling an enterprise B2B product which takes care of the above three issues in jurisdictions around the world. We want to make it turnkey for an organization to do fundraising, similar to how Stripe Atlas lets anyone open a company in the United States, and takes care of filing, credit card processing, taxes, and so on.

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