How to get paid in InterCoin working for InterCoin?

OK…I am sold…how do I get directly involved in helping out the project…I would love to earn Intercoin directly into my MetaMask wallet in lieu of whatever services I can provide to the project (I believe I can help out with building an exciting social media presence (I am already involved in NFT projects on discord, twitter, etc and I can even start a crypto show and pull people initially from my gaming and NFT groups, which is about 100 members from gaming and 700 members from NFTs, and build up from there)…I don’t see anything wrong, at this point, pulling a SHIBA considering this coin can actually back it up and deliver on the hype (so we can actually sleep at night after we make $$$)…I did make 7x on SHIB but I would rather make my money this way (the only thing you guys are missing is exposure…I would love to be the Intercoin Promoter)


Hey, welcome to the forum!!

Stacey is our community director so drop her a message on here I’m sure she will be glad to help!

Nice work on the 7X on SHIB :mechanical_arm: Though I agree, better to be involved in something with real substance like intercoin :wink:

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I agree…and thank you for contact info!!!

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You get a contract like any staff on a payroll…and you paid in ITR :sunglasses:

How early were you on SHIB? I was going to get some very early on but decided to ignore the memes and stick to coins with actual utility and use case. Lucky decision otherwise I’d be a billionaire now.

SHIB was .000007 and yes utility is always great…but marketing is powerful too…and that is what InterCoin needs now…would love to get paid in ITR

do you have a resume or portfolio so we can learn more about your skills and see where you can fit in the team?

Absolutely…I will put my Linkedin stuff here for public view and I will send you my resume and cover letter directly

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