How Do you Protect Yourself from Crypto Scammers?

I have recently almost been scammed multiple times from Crypto scammers. I used to work in the cybersecurity industry and I am always on high alert but they have gotten so good recently to the point that I almost got fooled, not once, twice, but three times.

So thought to open this discussion to share your stories if you have been scammed or almost scammed and how?

How did you find out they were a scammer?

Look below for video tutorials on how not to get scammed and others sharing stories and tips :slight_smile:

What are some steps you follow to make sure you are not being scammed by crypto scammers out there?


Thankfully so far nothing like this has happened to me!
But I would recommend you to watch this video, I think this might be helpful! Highly recommend:


Yes, this is helpful. @Norman did a great job with the tutorial.

I almost got scammed once when a Telegram user was personating a YouTube Influencer. Everything looked legit. They were interested to talk about Intercoin in exchange of BTC. The profile and name was the same as the YouTube Influencer X and we were ready to make an agreement where it hit me.

I couln’t do business through a Telegram conversation. I asked to have a video call and the Scammer was hesitant.
i asked to send me the package details via emails via email and he was debating he didn’t need to. Red flags…red flags…

Finally, he sent me the package details via email and I right away went to my detective mode and found out the email was almost the same but not quite of the actual YouTuber.

So I emailed the YouTuber to let them know someone was impersonating him.

I feel bad for these influencers being a main target for scammers.

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The impersonators are real I ran into them the other day too. I had a person impersonate Greg and ask to send my phone number; it was actually convincing and I might have sent it if it weren’t for the bad grammar. Then, I double checked the email address and it turned out to be a random address. These attacks are very dangerous and doubly so in crypto

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That’s so funny. I had the same scammer impersonate Greg too that reached out to me. They actually lokked and acted like Greg and asked me to help make a transfer to an investor as there was sth wrong with their account.

I knew Greg would never ask me to do that so I became suspicious.

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Being invested and or working in the cryptocurrency industry unfortunately puts you at risk 24/7. For myself it’s fun, exciting and incredibly hard not to talk about with others. I think best practice would be trust NOBODY you don’t know, as well as many that you do know. Check and verify who your talking with and keep in mind there is no reason to share any personal information with anyone. I think the term “NONYA" came from people asking other people how much bitcoin they own. :woman_shrugging:t3:


Great tips Stacey. Thanks for sharing these with us. I believe is really important to be alert that these scammers are more often in your face that you think haha

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I have been scammed so many times too and this video helps me a lot


Thanks for sharing your story, I will keep an eye on that.


I haven’t been scammed yet but I would love to follow this thread and learn on all ways you can be scammed and what to avoid


@Norman has also created this tutorial on how to make sure not to loose your coins. It will be useful since I noticed some were new to investing and trading cryptocurrency.

So far been in crypto since February this year. So quite early.
Lucky for me not been scammed.
But there is some rules that I respect.
Always Do your own research, if u don’t know how, then learn how to do it.
Remember there is no get rich quick scheme. Crypto is good to make big money but You can loose money very quick as well.
Never send your crypto to random person who promise You big profits.
If You hold crypto on cold wallet never give your keys to any one even your wife.
Create the strategy of how You gonna invest, when to take profit ect.
Only invest money that if you loose you can just carry on.
Learn as much as possible about crypto market, technical analysis and how to understand charts.
If there is something that is hard to belive is legit it is very likely a scam.

Here is a couple of rules that I follow.
Hope that will help.
Stay safe and don’t get scammed.


That is some great advice. Thank you for that.


+1 on never sending your crypto to a random person. I don’t think I’ve ever seen one of those that were NOT a scam


Exactly. If you can’t identify someone there is a high chance they trying to scam you.

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thanks a lot for the tips. and totally agree with you in all the above. unfortunately a lot are not educated enough on the industry to understand how it works

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Good stuff, thanks. As the crypto space grow, more and more information out there to bear scammers are needed.