How cryptocurrency donations can help Venezuela

And as we read here:

New laws force Venezuelans to go through local banks for foreign transactions, and require banks to disclose information on how individuals get and use their money. According to Alejandro Machado, a cryptocurrency researcher at the Open Money Initiative, a wire transfer from the United States can now encounter a fee as high as 56% as it passes from dollars to bolivares in a process that can last several weeks. Most recently, Venezuelan banks have, under pressure from the government, even prevented clients using foreign IP addresses from accessing their online accounts.

As we read in this Vox article:

Cryptocurrency-based remittances, though, can circumvent those controls. Sending bitcoin to family members back home in Venezuela, for instance, takes moments and only incurs a small fee. Since that asset is sent directly to the recipient’s phone — as opposed to being routed through a bank or another financial institution — it is safe from government interference and can be easily liquidated through local exchanges.

In the future, it might be Intercoin in addition to Bitcoin.

The best part is the government cannot seize digital assets. As long as you have your private keys you are safe!