Greg Magarshak Interview With David Harvey and Thomas Greco

Greg Magarshak Discussion With David Harvey and Thomas Greco on
Macro-economic issues how to improve society, how money has been used to finance wars and current issues in our society today.

00:00 Introduction of the panel list.
04:00 Background Information About David Harvey.
05:18 Shortage of Geography Teachers.
06:33 Conventional Economics.
08:44 Urban Crisis In The 1960s.
10:50 Housing As A Use Vs Exchange Value.
12:55 “Progress and Poverty” Book Written By Henry George.
15:55 Introduction of Thomas Greco.
19:14 The Money System.
23:47 Creation Of The Bank Of England.
24:33 Diabolical Pack Between Politics And Finance.
25:58 Creating Exchange Media That Is Not Controlled By The Government.
26:25 How money is used to Finance War.
29:08 Reviewing The Book 'The End Of Money And Future Of Civilization.
32:52 Introduction Of Greg Magarshak And Open Source Software.
35:22 Control of Money By The Government.
39:35 Bretton Woods System.
40:46 The Dollar Vs Gold.
44:06 What Caused The Great Depression.
47:38 Purchasing Power Of Labour.
52:36 Fictitious Capital.
53:36 Monetary Structure.
55:03 State Finance Nexus.
56:17 Government Borrowed To Finance The Civil War.
58:28 The End Of Dollar Dominance.
01:00:50 Economic Alliances.
01:04:14 Military Industrial complex.
01:06:47 China’s Plan For Building Cities.
01:09:18 How Credit Should Be Issued.
01:11:24 The Software Collusion.
01:13:42 Low Home Ownership In Newer Generation.
01:18:24 Modern Day Socialism.
01:21:00 Credit Unions And Housing Cooperatives.
01:27:19 Libertarian Socialism.
01:28:32 How Banks Make Money.
01:31:17 Effects of Bank’s process of making Money.
01:32:12 Consumer Credit Boom.
01:37:35 Universal Basic Income.
01:46:08 Evolution of Capital.
01:47:15 Government And The Capitalist.
01:50:55 Is There a way to Reform Government?
01:59:26 Finance War Globally.
02:04:04 Cuban Missile Crisis.
02:07:22 Conclusions.