Government Knows Best

The people need a leader. They need someone who can guide them through turbulent times and fight the good fight for the sake of humanity. Superman? Batman? No wait … Wonder Woman! That would be easy for Superman and Wonder Woman as they have super powers which will allow them to unfortunately lead by force. How about Batman? No real superpowers, but highly intelligent, determined and wealthy. At the end of the day Batman is human, and being human comes with many faults. This sounds extremely familiar. Super powers(weapons, resources), being human, this sounds like the governments of the world.

A government big enough to give you everything you want is a government big enough to take from you everything you have.

Gerald Ford

Organizations, associations, private communities, senior communities all need to come to a consensus on matters they face. Often there is a board where board members vote or a panel of people that are voted in that make decisions. The problem with this way of doing things, is there are too many variables when it comes to the process. With politics its beliefs and who can pad their pockets. With people it’s being divided on issues which can lead to hatred and favoritism. Another major issue is fraud and tampering with ballots. Crypto technology makes a huge difference in this area.

A local blockchain with Intercoin, enables communities and organizations to put fair voting into action. Voting via your mobile phone with an Intercoin local blockchain is secure and private. The most important part is knowing your vote was delivered and counted. Taking the emotion out of the process is a very big deal. People are basing relationships on political affiliations. If you have no idea who your neighbor voted for, then everyone could continue to live in the community peacefully and without judgment if it really mattered that much.

Building a community with Intercoin saves the true rights of the people. The freedom to choose and control their own destiny. History has proven and continues to prove that governments only have 1 interest and that is themselve. Many problems are overlooked and too many decisions are without the people in mind. This causes economic inequality. Life isn’t fair, but giving the people an opportunity to make decisions on their own lives and matters in their own community should be the only vote.


I think people are tired of feeling their vote doesn’t matter or not believing in the security and transparency of elections. That’s why we need to build smart contracts that can’t be corrupted.


Totally agree with you, I think that the incorporation of smart contract technology would bring about a not easily corrupt system


Makes sense if you look back in history generally successful events have first taken place on a smaller scale. Then many ideas snowball roll out over larger regions.