Food Insecurity

Food insecurity is the condition of not having access to sufficient food, or food of an adequate quality to meet one’s basic needs. I cannot begin to fathom in a world where we throw out enough food to cover city blocks for miles, that anyone should go to bed hungry. There is no question that we all need to eat to survive. The nutrients and energy needed to run the human body goes a without saying. Ok well… go and get something to eat! Easier said than done for millions of people globally. Some of the reasons for food insecurity are extreme poverty, political instability, lack of jobs and various other issues. Sadly, the people that are hurt most are children and the elderly. Food is a basic need that should not be denied to anyone, race, religion or gender.

A food bank is one of the best ways for communities to come together to combat hunger, but hard times have fallen on those who regularly donate forcing them to look after their own families. One of the ways food banks are pushing back, is going out and delivering the food. This is understandable as many people facing food insecurity do not have adequate transportation or may be on a very tight budget and cannot use public transportation do to sicknesses.

We all can play a role in making sure no one goes hungry. The problems that come with the lack of food are endless and often lead to a miserable existence and an untimely death. Make no mistake about it, food insecurity is a pandemic that humans have been facing far too long. One of the answers to food insecurity is “Genetically Modified” food. While this has proven to work in countries across the globe and in the USA, the public awareness of genetically modified food has taken on a negative sentiment. Genetically modified food has proven to have many side effects as well as serious health problems.

Nice try! Personally, I will pass on GMO’s! Food insecurity is a problem that has to be solved at a local level. Local vendors, local growers, local transportation of food, local currency. Local currency is an interesting concept. Actually, local currency is real! Local currencies exist in various places (Berkshires, Bristol), but they are not very advanced. With Intercoin, any community will be able to issue its own currency, and with far more capabilities, including Micropayments, Community Fundraising and Basic Income for community members. The Intercoin platform will help open up a world of innovation in local commerce and governance. This would address the massive issue of food insecurity without a doubt.

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I sometimes walk past a food bank here and I’m always shocked by the amount of people waiting in line. It’s not a sight we should see in this day and age and in a world with such waste like you say…and we have the cheek to call ourselves “civilised” :roll_eyes:

I agree on the GM food 100%. Though it’s not something I’ve ever looked into my instincts tell me to avoid it where possible, though it is getting harder to do so. I’ll pick thousands/millions of years of nature over a laboratory any day.


Unfortunately I feel this problem is only getting worse. How is the federal government supposed to fix this? Its basically unobtainable on that level. I feel like almost anything is possible on a community level. Smaller number makes it easier to account for everyone.

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Absolutely. I’ve noticed more homeless and more people standing in line or in their car waiting for food boxes. Intercoin community coins I believe will help alleviate the stress of food insecurity when communities are able to create multiple community coins and have a game plan for UBI. This would be life changing for everyone!

Yes Carts! Amazes me all the food in the world and so much gets thrown out while people are waiting on line just to get a meal. This should never be an issue. Gm food is becoming more “normal” so bringing awareness to everything is a must. Wouldn’t it be amazing to have a community coin specifically for food? Intercoin can have an unlimited amount of community coins to assist and prevent people from having to deal with that insecurity of where their next meal is coming from. Community voted UBI for coins can set certain funds specifically for food shortage or families in need.


This breaks my heart! While people in Africa are dying because of the lack of food, in the USA there is a lot of food abuse. I’ve seen big companies like Mc Donalds, Dunkin, Starbucks that would rather throw away the leftover food than give it to the poor people. But this is the capitalist world and every business is free to do as it pleases. All the governments need to intervene with appropriate policies to help people who don’t have access to sufficient food.


Have you noticed how inexpensive and how massive GMO food products are? I went to get a turkey for Thanksgiving from Meijers grocery store this yr and I saw an 18lb turkey for $7.50…All I could think about was all the chemicals they put in that thing… but I could see the less fortunate people be drawn to it because it’s cheap and it can feed a big family and not thinking about the long term side effects of consuming all those chemicals.

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I actually doubt crypto is going to directly solve food insecurity. Food insecurity is a issue of infrastructure, logistics, and war. Way too big of a reach BUT it may give people safe places to store their wealth.

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Absolutely! I saw the same thing here in Arizona. GMO products are super cheap and fill up our grocery stores and they love to attract their customers with these “Sales” and “closeout” deals. Everyone has to eat and that $7.50 turkey im sure was purchased by many not knowing the true “on sale” meaning. Food insecurity is alive and well and the big companies take advantage of that.


I agree there is a lot of factors to consider regarding food insecurity. If people can have that safe place to store their wealth it can at least alleviate that stress about money because that’s what it all boils down to. Food unfortunately will never be free unless you have your own garden of course.