Father makes NFT to prevent spread of unauthorized video of daughters death on internet

The world of NFTs is evolving rapidly. Sometimes too quick for me as a traditional artist. This father is making an NFT as a last desperate effort to prevent the spreading of the video that has gotten more than tens of thousands of views of his daughter being killed.

First pixelated jpegs, then celebrities creating 10k projects, NFTs on tvs, and now this father wants to create an NFT of his daughters death video. He just doesn’t want people sharing footage of his daughter’s murder anymore, and turning the video into an NFT would technically give him the legal leverage to file copyright claims against platforms that host the video. I have to say its a desperate measure he is taking but I do understand why he would do this. The internet is a big, anonymous place and removing anything from it entirely has been a source of enormous pain for others in his situation.

Andy (the father) also posted a tweet today stating he wants to run for congress

If his idea of creating the video into an NFT does work it could mean a lot for other victims families and other means to own rights to images or videos via the internet in NFT form. I could only imagine the pain him and his family are going through. I wish him all the best and hope this is only the beginning that can help protect families from having to go through this.


What an absolute nightmare! - poor Alison and the poor family , ,

I am conflicted about Andy’s course of action though - it might turn out to be another example of the “Streisand Effect” . .

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Wow when it’s comes to NFTs we are just getting started for usecases!

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