Everyone is supporting the EVM

At Qbix, we built our platform to run on PHP, because that’s the environment most hosting companies around the world supported. Facebook was built on PHP, as well as WordPress, which powers 40% of all websites in the world.

Around 2018, we made a decision to build the Intercoin Applications in Solidity, that compiles down to the Ethereum Virtual Machine, or EVM. The vast majority of smart contracts have been targeted to this compilation target, so it’s not surprising that EVM is so ubiquitous. It isn’t just something that runs on the Ethereum MainNet, but many other blockchains have rolled out support for it, including Tron, BinanceSmartChain, xDaiChain, Polygon (MATIC) to name just a few. But even blockchains based on a completely different technology are now announcing support for it, via sidechain projects. These include:

Cardano 2020:

Cardano 2021:

Solana 2021:

Polkadot 2021:

Polkadot 2021:

That means all our applications should work on various chains. And thanks to Intercoin’s cross-chain implementations (rolling out in the next few months), people will be able to easily trade their tokens between chains, even some which aren’t EVM-compatible.

In particular, that will mean all those CityCoins that were minted for Miami and other cities will be able to be bridged into the Intercoin ecosystem of apps, backed by the Intercoin reserve currency. So cities: keep claiming your CityCoins, you’re going to soon be able to have your UBI, Consumer price index, and other applications.


Inoperable that’s a big deal! Interesting that Miami city coins can be bridged. :thinking:

Looks like IOTA is joining the party:

Oh and they use our words:

  • IOTA’s smart contracts offer an alternative to Ethereum and Cardano focused on making blockchain applications mainstream.