Every Dog Has It’s Day

Every Dog Has It’s Day!

Currently the crypto market is more than stable but… these dog coins are on :fire:. They got this “Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop” vibe. Comment, engage tell me why is this so?

I personally think for many reasons.
Short BEST answer, people love dogs!

Also on the top of my list dog coin memes are mad fun, so gaining a large strong community is a walk in the park.

Another thing to consider is exciting conversations amongst family, friends or even social media platforms, easily fueling people to want to become new investors within the crypto space.

“Give A Dog A Bone" Excitement and hype is a easy sell. They need to do little to no research on utility and use-case. Simply purchase,:crossed_fingers:hopefully self custody, sit back and watch their initial investment grow.

Here is a article I ran across that speaks about this craze. It also highlights some tweets from community members different perspectives on this movement.

Some friends I have spoken with that are invested in cryptocurrencies in which solve problems as well, but additionally have more use-case are feeling a bit left out.

I’m confident myself being a diversified investor in both, but mainly stronger utility projects, that sooner than later great projects that are solving real problems like government solutions, data security, controlling supply chain issues will also soar in price to equal or greater in value.

It’s all a process just like everything in life. Some people ask the question what came first — the chicken or egg. In this case it was the dog coins before the city coins.

To lean more about Intercoin☁️ and it’s plan to start rolling out city coin read this.


There’s certainly some mania around meme coins at the moment. I don’t hold any (unfortunately in hindshight :crazy_face:) as they are way too risky for me. If i was to put some serious money into them i’d struggle to sleep!! At least with my coins with utility when they dip/crash it’s doesn’t effect me as i’m pretty sure they will recover and keep growing. If i woke up to a 50% drop in SHIB id be in full blown panic :scream:

I think the big holders will take their profits and that money will flood into the real projects in the alt market before filtering down every coin that has yet to pump.

The key with these memes is to get in very early, i wouldn’t touch SHIB/DOGE now, it’s just gambling at this point.

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Facts! We’re on the same page I personally had a boating accident with safemoon.:skull:



Whoops!! Not so safe then after all :eyes: