DeFi is booming, but has yet to find its purpose

Can Intercoin help them find it?


Definitely Intercoin has the ability to do this! :100:

I think currently the problem being majority of the crypto market is strictly speculation. New and existing investors generally need more than speculation for long term investments. Also many need to visually see what a project is capable of.

This is one major reason I’m excited for the Intercoin App to launch. It will provide so much more of a vision introducing the first stage of Intercoin’s movement!


totally agree with you Stacey…what’s the fun in changing the world with crypto/blockchain where we can’t seem to use it in everyday transactions


Most other crypto founders have profit as their main goal, while Intercoin, first of all, educates people about crypto and gives them value. That’s why Intercoin differs from others and the application will bring so much good to people.


What a relief as Intercoin is set to solve most if not all the problems from DeFi resulting in “real” economy to service.