Crypto Experts in Demand as Countries launch Digital Currencies

Governments are getting into the game. They’re looking to issue currencies on a national level, creating a much more centralized monetary system. They’ve started a crackdown on Bitcoin mining, on Binance trading, and on some stablecoins. Earlier, the US Congress expressed concern about Libra, SEC shut down Telegram Grams, and others.

Intercoin’s approach has always been to serve local communities, helping them collectively make decisions and manage their own currency, rather than simply enabling anonymous peer-to-peer transactions between random people. It would be interesting to see how our goals and approach are welcomed by federal governments, as it seeks to empower and strengthen their local communities.

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I’m not sure how CBDCs are different from just the existing monetary system. Most of the money today is digital balances in ledgers anyway, and we already send money back and forth through wire transfers and checks. The point of crypto is to be permissionless and decentralized, and not necessarily just digital, and CBDCs seem like a solution looking for a problem


IMO the monetary system is broken, outdated and way more complicated then needed. Intercoin’s platform building blockchain communities provides transparency & can be geared to the needs of each individual economy. When the entire world is in the state we are currently, going back to the basic of community is the key.


I agree with you Norman. We can’t stop governments do what they do best which is controll.

Communities need to look for alternatives that benefit them in whatever decisions they need to make to grow if it is financially or others.

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Intercoin can help to make this happen for sure!
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