Suspends Withdrawals After Unauthorized Activity Suspends Withdrawals After Unauthorized Activity

Did you hear about this? said it stopped all deposits and withdrawals while it investigates “unauthorized activity” on some accounts.

Also a Tweet I seen on Twitter👇

You know what they say - Crypto 101
“Not your keys, not your coins”


Unfortunately, unauthorized activities are happening almost every week on different centralised exchanges or NFT market-places and it is one of the biggest challenges of the crypto market.
To build confidence in their services, many organisations need to overcome concerns about the authentication, authorisation and/or confidentiality limitations of all transactions. Such challenges are slowing the adoption of cryptos by regular users and investors.
For more than 5 years many people are discussing the security techniques used by cryptosystems around the globe but still, many crypto users are not able to make educated decisions about which products and services are safer to use.
That is why @Greg decided to dedicate the next Wednesday, January 26 to one of the most important topics: "Security Matters 2022"

Many of the currently available ways to protect any crypto investments from hackers would be discussed with 3 Special guest speakers of the event.


Also wanted to share one great article about Crypto security that @Carts wrote last December with really useful several points of advice.