Crypto 2.0 May Be Digital Cash... - Bloomberg Article

Transactional purchases is still an important feature of cryptocurrencies. It is often overlooked as new exciting features are developed or proposed. Also, early merchant adoption of Bitcoin ran into problems as Bitcoin was not ready (low percentage of users among customer base, difficulties with Point of Sale tech, clerks who lacked knowledge, slow confirmation times, not solving a real problem, and price volatility). Mainstream merchant adoption (especially brick and mortar) will come after many other improvements, broader adoption, less volatility, and second layers like Lightning.

The number and adoption of stablecoins has increased because it allows payments without the volatility concerns of other cryptocurrencies. Not all stablecoins are alike, and some will likely thrive while others fail. Tether has dropped below 90 cents on more than one occasion, violating the stability as well as causing further concern about a future collapse.

Here’s our new video about that:

Great video! Made it super easy to understand

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I see Bitcoin as an investment and it’s likely to stay that way. Too much volatility and poor bandwidth is preventing Bitcoin from entering our normal lives.

I think you’re right as long as Bitcoin remains digital gold and a means of accumulation. I’m not sure it’ll come into our lives as fiat money yet.

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It’s too early to tell for sure. Bitcoin probably needs improvement. But will it be the Bitcoin Satoshi wrote about in his white paper?

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Satoshi’s covenants were important before. Today, when he’s gone, I don’t think it matters anymore. The regulators took control a long time ago.

I won’t argue with you. I’m more interested in a new bull market such as 2017-2018. Maybe Crypto 2.0 will be even more grandiose and will pay off for investors.