Could someone summarise the situation with how creating a DAO with Intercoin will work?

I guess the Subject summarises what I want to ask but I am guessing that there could still be a lot of developmental changes happen before this feature becomes available?


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Likely once InterCloud, the coming layer1, is built, and its accompanying token ITRx. A DAO can be discussed. But that is up for Greg to discuss as it is his baby. A DAO would just incorporate not only economic rights but governance/voting rights for how Intercoin would make decisions on how it evolves in the future.

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You are going to experience it at very soon.

All these ideas — NFT, DAOs — are in their first generation stage. Every industry went through it. Computer games like Pong and Space Invaders used to be all the rage but today we have realism since Halo and Call of Duty and Gears of War etc.

This is similar to how we had the early Web1 (AltaVista, and a lot of silliness like the and tags) and early Web2. People today want user friendliness and a lot of features.

They understand concepts like

  • Communities and Roles
  • Profiles and Org Charts
  • Chats and Videoconferencing
  • Badges (which NFT world calls POAPs)
  • Credits / Karma (community coins)

Some are transferable (credits) and some are not (roles).

People should just have an organic experience starting with a social app (like WeChat) and then adding buttons to pay people (as most messaging apps have done). Then add voting, governance etc.

You could sell NFTs to govern a channel, for instance, and discuss what content will be posted on the channel. The SEC doesn’t seem to consider audience and influence as a form of “profit”, in the same way as making more money would be. So people could collectively run a channel. Check out the software we have for podcasters, political campaigns, conferences and more:

Soon we will be making apps for the Forward Party (now the largest party in USA after Democrats and Republicans) and Rohingya People (3 million stateless people) and refugee fund for Ukraine, Afghanistan etc.

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