Community: The Libertarian Version

Community software like the kind we build at Qbix and Intercoin can help move people from relying on the State or Big Corporations, to coming together and solve things as a community.

Open source software can move our digital society from Feudalism to a Free Market.


KYC / AML is fine but everything has levels.

Blockchain using the entire network to verify every transaction — even one for pennies — is overkill.

Likewise, using the full power of the State to come down on someone to buy a bottle of water — is out of proportion.

What admins and moderators should be making sure of is whether this person is desirable for their community (and its higher landlord, partners like advertisers, etc.)


And also, in amonetary system where transactions are non-reversible, you need to throttle their ability to abscond with a lot of value they amassed. So basically have capital controls. Otherwise someone could have been running some kind of exit scam for instance and get away with it. An honest business wouldn’t introduce a huge discontinuity of 2% outflows and suddenly 95% outflow.

If a community needs to drastically change the rate of something, or fundamentally change the rules, they should come together give everyone an opportunity to vote on it.

And even then, we have to be careful about changing the code powering the community by means of voting. It is often better for it to be immutable:

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Enjoyed this today as usual. I do agree that some aspects of the details is over kill…meaning more labor than the benefit of the result it creates. And I equally feel KYC in many cases is overkill too. If they have it…it should be a standard one time process that follows you like your wallet if that’s what a person wants to do.