Communities Coming Together

In today’s society we have officially made it more clear to one another that you must pick a side when it comes to social intermingling. While advanced technology was not available in ancient times, studies show it was very clear that social groups (tribes) have always existed. Of course, where you are born plays a role in the way you dress and speak with tribes. What is considered acceptable and downright wrong too. The fact of the matter is that we are all different, with different cultures, beliefs and habits.

What makes people who come together form a community? When I think of community, I think of my neighbor and general area where I live. Even though we may not know each other personally, I would hope that we share the same common goal of peace and prosperity. But what happens when our differences begin to show? As well as our views and perspectives on any given subject? Often the majority wins through votes or we disconnect all together.

Coming together as a community is an integral part of society. What happens when two tribes collide? They can share ideas and cultures. Ultimately the two coming together could form a community. This can only happen if the two tribes can see eye to eye on certain issues and accept each other no matter the differences. A society should form shortly after. The order seems to be as follows Tribe > Community > Society. Feudal Japan is one of the best examples of the fight for societal dominance fought by not tribes or communities, but clans. By definition a clan is a group of close-nit families. So, it really goes as follow: Family > Tribe > Community > Society.

Where does this bring us in today’s modern era? The family structure is alive and well. Ancient tribes are still here from centuries ago unchanged. Communities have been built for like-minded individuals and people who share the same interests. Society as a whole is comprised of family’s, tribes and communities. Regardless of traditions and beliefs societies as a whole should share a few common interests. Safety, peace, rights, food, shelter and growth. Intercoin has the answer whether you are part of an extensive family or society. Bringing everyone together for human interest truly is the key.

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So true to a degree we become a product of our environment.

That’s the beauty of what Intercoin has to offer. Customizing services for communities, as each community has different needs, due to demographics and other factors. Intercoin had built the technology to accommodate each communities personal needs. As it’s common knowledge the Federal level one size fits all has failed us! :100:


This is so true Stacey! That one size fits all definitely doesn’t work.


Thank you for this article, Intercoin is the new kid on the block that bridges communities together, allowing smooth interoperability between them.


Thank you Trust! We are happy to have you!