Collaboration of NFTs

Since the very beginning there have been collaborations with many Artists in the traditional Art world. Picasso and Braque were two of the biggest collaborators in Art History. Pablo Picasso was hailed as the first celebrity artist as Georges Braque stayed out of the limelight. They both spent many nights in the studio collaborating and eventually invented “Cubism” , a new style of painting that shattered traditional forms of artistic representation.

There are no limits on collaborations in my opinion. In the fashion industry Damien Hirst and Alexander Mcqueen joined forces in 2013 creating an entire limited edition scarf collection adapted by the Hirst Entomology series.

There’s no mystery NFTs are now on the same path with collaborations. Givenchy is just one of the fashion designers that’s gotten into the mix. They joined forces with graphics artist Chito and are releasing an entire fashion line of NFTs in the spring of 2022.

Then we have the one and only Beeple. He created a collage of 5000 days and it sold at Christie’s Auction for a whopping $69 million dollars. At first glance I thought this was created as a collaboration of different artists but he did it all on his own selling pixels so no collaboration was even needed in this case.

Which brings me to my final thought. The million dollar page had a great concept of allowing people to collaborate and also buy a piece of internet history for $1 per pixel which is now sold out.

During our recent Intercoin Show our Founder Greg brought up an amazing idea relating to the new release of the upcoming Intercoin NFTremix Marketplace in 2022. What if we created an NFTree? What this would be is a blank canvas that Artists can join in on together and collaborate while creating a big masterpiece that can have its own webpage. I personally think this is a wonderful idea.

What do you think?


Love everything about this from past, present to the future of NFtrees. :clap:


Its so awesome to see how it all unfolds. I would have never thought in a million years people would be buying jpegs for millions. It will be fun to collaborate with other Artists and develop this NFTree. I’m excited about it!


Wow I love the idea of [quote=“AlishaAnglinArt, post:1, topic:2208”]
NFTree. [/quote]
I believe the Intercoin team can make it happen.


Thanks Trust! I think bringing artists and companies together to collab is a great way to kickstart NFTremix with this NFTree. I personally love the idea!