Centralized Digital IDs are coming across the world

I’m reproducing the links below the video here:

1,200,199 views Dec 11, 2022 #Digitalid #CBDC #privacy

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After watching the video and reading through the links, it’s clear to me that digital IDs are definitely something we should be concerned about. It’s a bit scary how much personal information could potentially be stored on them and accessible by those in power. However, I also think there needs to be more education around what these IDs actually entail so people can make informed decisions for themselves.

It is crucial that privacy concerns with regards to CBDCs (Central Bank Digital Currencies) are addressed because this technology has great potential but equally big risks if not handled properly. One of my biggest takeaways from all this is just how important our right to privacy really is - it seems like every day there’s another way someone wants access or control over our data! We need strong policies in place to ensure protection against any misuse of private information held within these digital identities so that everyday citizens feel secure using whatever system gets implanted as standard practice moving forward without fear their autonomy will suffer consequences later down line due lack transparency measures being taken seriously now before full fledged implementation occurs…