Centralized Apps are a single point of failure

Even something as popular as KakaoTalk in South Korea can be unilaterally shut down by Google for not complying with their new payment policies:

Hike, the Made-In-India messaging app, was unilaterally shut down:

Germany considered banning Telegram from the app store:

And that’s only from this year. This stuff has been happening every year:

That’s why we need platforms that are owned and operated by the people, not just for the people.


There is a reason I joined Intercoin. You know what’s up and you know how to build options for people that are woke! Keep building! :mechanical_arm:


Putting it in the peoples hands!


Intercoin is for the people by the people, building in a sustainably scalable way ushering in the token economy and building the right way by way of web5 powered by communities


Thanks @Greg for sharing this valuable information in a way that allows us to see how tech companies are taking advantage of the people. Furthermore tech companies are losing a tremendous opportunity here to really create a Win Win Win for all concerned. The value that Intercoin and open source brings to people today is huge. However I think people have been SOOO entrenched in participating in the role they’ve been playing to the advantage of the Tech Giants…it’s hard for them to see what real Freedom means in the open market.