Canadian Truckers Convoy

Canadian Trucker Convoy

I’m posting some article to show how media works and how opinions are all so different on this topic.

The Canadian trucker convoy is an unpopular uprising

Since January 28, Canada’s capital city of Ottawa has been under siege by a convoy of angry truckers — a two-week running protest that has drawn support from right-wing extremists in Canada and abroad.

The so-called “freedom convoy” is nominally protesting a vaccine mandate for truckers, implemented in mid-January on both sides of the US-Canada border. But the demonstrations have swiftly ballooned into a broader far-right movement, with some demonstrators waving Confederateand Nazi flags. Protester demands include an end to all Covid-19 restrictions in Canada and the resignation of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

Canadian government invokes Emergencies Act due to blockades and protests over Covid-19 measures

(CNN) The Canadian government is invoking the Emergencies Act for the first time to address the impact of continued protests across the country over Covid-19 health measures, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau told reporters Monday.

The Emergencies Act can provide for the use of the military, but may not necessarily lead to that, and Trudeau said the government is not bringing them in.

But it can temporarily suspend citizens’ rights to free movement or assembly. And the government is taking steps to stop financial support of illegal protests.

Canadian truckers say warnings won’t scare away Freedom Convoy

Canadian truckers who received notices by police to leave or potentially be arrested said law enforcement was “over-stepping” with another “scare tactic,” and vowed to stay.

Check out the video in this article of the truckers having a voice.

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Court Freezes Millions in Canadian Trucker Convoy’s Donated Cash and Cryptocurrency

The private citizens’ latest salvo was an ex parte injunction approved Thursday by a judge that freezes millions of dollars, including cryptocurrency, that had been raised by the convoy. Paul Champ, an Ottawa-based lawyer for the plaintiffs, said it’s the first “Mareva injunction” freezing cryptocurrency in Canada. A Mareva injunction is a type of interlocutory relief designed to freeze the assets of a defendant, pending determination of a plaintiff’s claim.

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