Can UniSwap delist a trading pair?

The Uniswap team reiterated, however:

“These changes pertain to the interface at — the Protocol remains entirely autonomous, immutable, and permissionless.”

Unlike Web1 and Web2, Web3 smart contracts represent the best chance to guarantee all kinds of things that tons of people come to rely on. They can trust that the smart contract will be available to be interacted with, that the code will always do when it says it will do, etc.

Considering that any website can provide an interface to its own smart contracts, this highlights the permanence of smart contracts. In fact, having a limited whitelist of smart contracts is good for security, as we will enforce in the Intercoin wallet:

Sites like UniSwap, which can interact with unlimited instances, should have the wallet at least make sure that these instances are all authorized by the UniSwap factory. Thus, a website should be associated either with a few factories or instances, and wallets should enforce that.

We can do better! We will do better! For the people.