Bridging The Gap

Bridging the Gap

Long before the existence of modern civilization, our ancient ancestors developed a brilliant way of aiding them to move between places. This concept is known as a bridge. This knowledge of creating a bridge dates all the way back to the ancient Mesopotamia era as modern civilization started to rise. A bridge by definition is considered to be a structure that provides passage over obstacles such as a body of water, rough terrain etc., whether man made or natural.

In the beginning, bridges were very simple structures made from natural elements such as dirt, wooden logs and stone but as time progresses, the simplicity of a bridge started to evolve into more modern, complex architectures that are being built all across the world today. Some of which have become famous such as the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, USA. However, the brilliance of mankind didn’t stop there. The concept of a bridge has become digitize into what is now called a blockchain bridge.

In order to understand what a blockchain bridge is, one must first understand what is a blockchain. In summary, a blockchain is a technological system of decentralized, distributed ledgers that records the provenance of a digital asset. To learn more about blockchain, click on the link. What is a blockchain?

Now that you are competent in what a blockchain is and the concept behind the development of a bridge, put them together and voila! You have a blockchain bridge. Okay, maybe that is oversimplifying it just a bit but in essence, ever since the first blockchain was created in 2008, there has been an eruption of thousands of new blockchains. Some of which are being used today in a real world setting while others are purely for speculation. Now a blockchain bridge creates a means by which different blockchains can become interoperable and communicate with each other without the assistance of any intermediaries. No man is an island, no man stands alone and neither should blockchain technologies. Interoperability across various blockchain has several benefits:

  • Higher Security
  • Scalability
  • Faster block times

Facilitating Blockchain Interoperability

There is no single approach to bridging the gap between these different blockchain systems and several entities has come up with a solution that allows this to happen. One such entity is Intercoin . Intercoin developed a platform that enables different communities to bridge their local community coin as well as external ledgers such as crypto and fiat. Communities can now choose to become interoperable by integrating and having a local blockchain with Intercoin.

In additional, integrating with Intercoin will enable communities to issue their own currency with many capabilities that are not typical of the existing local currencies used today. This will include, micropayments, Community Fundraising and Basic Income just to name a few.


The concept of using a bridge to connect different locations has evolved over time from being physical to digital and are being used concurrently in the world today. Having a blockchain bridge allows for interoperability between different blockchain systems and are being used to satisfy various needs. Many companies have developed and will continue to develop ways in which bridging the gap can become simple and beneficial for all that yearns for the integration of a blockchain bridge.


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Thank you for writing this. I think blockchain technology is being more and more involved in today’s technology. I see it as the new internet where everything in the next 10 years will run on the blockchain.


Interoperability is a important factor that separate Intercoin from other projects.

Making crypto mainstream!


I agree with you Marsi, blockchain is actively being talked about now more than in previous years and there has been an increase in the number of blockchain with actual utility so in 10yrs the future of blockchain looks very promising.


yes, working together should always be emphasized and it would be great for the crypto industry, especially for Intercoin!

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I like the way you have simplified this topic for an average non techy person to understand. Indeed, a blockchain bridge allows for interoperability between different systems!
Qbix Intercoin lets communities release and manage their own currency.

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