Blockchain Beauty Shop | Steven Sheldon

Blockchain Beauty Shop | Steven Sheldon
June 16th 2022 | Written by Michael Neuvirth

Steven Sheldon is the Founder and CMO of The Reaper.

While digital economies are known for their volatility, The Reaper seeks to remove the excess and unvalued assets in order to prevent violent market swings. Reaper accomplishes this mission through a decentralized voting mechanism in which the value of RPR is used to purchase and destroy the undervalued assets.

Steven is a United States Army Corps of Engineers Veteran with 12 years of experience in sales, domestic/international construction and electrical engineering.

While in service, Steven partook in joint military operations both in the United States and South-East Asia.

He is a serial entrepreneur with a proven track record.

To give you a few insights into Steven - Intercoin asked him the following 3 questions:

  1. Michael Neuvirth: What is the best advice you have ever received?
    Steven: “You are a collection of your 5 closest friends, keep leveling up.”

  2. Michael Neuvirth: What is the best advice you have given?
    Steven: “A little diplomacy goes a long way.”

  3. Michael Neuvirth: What keeps you up at night?
    Steven: “The potentially massive future impact that The Reaper will have on the entire globe”.


Looking forward to this show just to hear what a former ARMY Engineer has to contribute to the conversation going on in the world of the Bockchain.