Bill From 'Bitcoin Senator' Lummis Would Alter Capital Gains Landscape for Crypto

Bill From ‘Bitcoin Senator’ Lummis Would Alter Capital Gains Landscape for Crypto

A new bill from Senator Cynthia Lummis (R-WY) seeks to overhaul how cryptocurrency can be taxed within the U.S.

It will provide clarity to the industry and users. One of its biggest aims is to provide guidance about capital gains related to crypto mining, staking, and spending.

From what I have read I’m not 100% clear on the spending part??? There has been lots talk on Twitter about clarity on that.

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We need less regulations and more clarity on this. The government is constantly trying to control peoples money even if its crypto meanwhile paper is being printed out of thin air…there definitely needs to be alot more clarity I agree.

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I must say were headed in the right direction. 4 years ago when I enter the crypto space when I heard of people saying bitcoin would be legal tender I thought they were cult leaders! Wrong again it’s happening! :exploding_head:

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