Arizona is trying to make Bitcoin legal tender

Arizona is getting in on the crypto action as our state senator is trying to get a bill passed to make Bitcoin a legal tender.

Whether such a law could go into effect is questionable, given that the U.S. Constitution doesn’t allow individual states to create their own legal tender.

Last September, El Salvador made bitcoin legal tender alongside the U.S. dollar and remains the only country in the world that has made the cryptocurrency an official currency.

I see more and more countries, and individual states trying to do this because of course they see the potential in crypto currencies. I find it funny because there was and still is a lot skepticism regarding crypto and even NFTs so it will be interesting to see where this goes in Arizona.

I have to say I’m all for it! Intercoin is making crypto go mainstream and I am looking forward to see what else 2022 brings :+1: :star_struck:


Last week this happened in Michigan!!!

I live close to this Senator I hope to connect with him! :pray: I would love to see Intercoin fix the water crisis in Flint. It’s unbelievable to think you can’t get clean drinking water when 1/2 hour away are some of the riches cities in the USA.


Wow I didn’t know that Stacey! Arizona is running out of water. Meanwhile 20-30 minutes from downtown Phoenix there in Scottsdale have homes over 10 million dollars….the rich stay rich while the poor get poorer. Will be interesting to see how cities incorporate crypto and how this can help communities possibly


Exciting news especially for Intercoin, as more cities embrace cryptocurrency, there will be more demand to facilitate this transition :star_struck: