A Crypto Thesis – Pantera Capital – Medium

Wow, a great read from Pantera Capital with a lot to unpack.

-Things like the printing press and the internet have democratized content access/creation
-Finance is not. It’s very hard to create a new instrument/security
-But soon it will be very easy, and that process is the revolution
-Money is actually going to be revolutionized last, and it won’t be through bitcoin.
-Companies will build on top of protocols
-Crypto is still a great opportunity to invest in and very early stage

Let’s discuss!

It’s so refreshing to see a VC company be so aligned with our own viewpoints and ethos. For years at Qbix, we have been writing about similar things:

Joey even used the same analogy I often use, that technology has disrupted printing and freedom of speech. A lot of the political/economic ideas of the 19th century, such as Distributism, naturally come about once technology puts means of production in the hands of the people. Whether it’s “personal computers” or “desktop publishing” or “3D printing” every time people get the technology that they previously needed to rely on a feudal system of “big boys” to do for them, the world gets an explosion of wealth and new information. Thus, Wikipedia disrupted Britannica / Encarta. The Web disrupted AOL. Wordpress disrupted centralized web publishing platforms. Qbix hopes to disrupt centralized platforms like Facebook, Twitter and so on. And crypto will eventually disrupt actual centralized payment systems, not just be a “store of value” or “presales of tokens”.

I think Intercoin and Pantera would have a lot to talk about.

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